iMaccha Matcha Green Tea Powder – 3.5 oz

iMaccha Matcha Green Tea Powder – 3.5 oz

iMaccha Matcha Green Tea Powder - 3.5 oz

  • ➤ 1st HARVEST SELECTION ONLY. iMaccha’s Ceremonial Grade Matcha is 1st Harvest Grown in Gradually Reduced Sunlight Over a Month’s Period of Time. Only New Leaves are Handpicked, These Leaves are Fresher, Deeper Green Color, & Higher Level of Chlorophyll & Antioxidants.
  • ➤100% CERTIFIED SAFETY 100g / 3.5oz. iMaccha KIWAMI is Accredited with FSSC2200, AIB Superior, & Kosher. We Routinely Undergo Quality-Control and Thorough Taste-Testing to Ensure Only the Highest Premium Grade to “YOU” the Customer.
  • ➤ YOU ARE FIRST. Our Goal is Simple; Ensure Our Customers Receive the Most Authentic, High Quality Matcha Green Tea Powder from Nishio, Japan with the Highest Safety Standards in the Industry at an Affordable Price Point.
  • ➤ STONE MILLED MATCHA. iMaccha’s Hand-Crafted Granite Grinding Wheels are Still Considered the Best Way to Prepare Matcha. The Grind Determines the Great Taste & the Vivid Bright Green Color of the Resulting Matcha. Excellent Quality Will Have a Fine Powdery Consistency.
  • ➤ HASSLES FREE RETURNS – GUARANTEED. iMaccha ‘s Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea is Some of the Finest Green Tea in the World with Numerous Health Benefits; If You Are Not Satisfied with Our Product, Simply Return It, No Questions Asked – You Come 1st.

Change Your Odds One Cup at a Time! iMaccha is proud to offer you KIWAMI, our supreme ceremonial grade green tea powder from the southern region of Nishio, Japan. KIWAMI is renowned for its unparalleled nutritional health benefits; each serving is rich with powerful antioxidants, vitamins & amino acids – Your Natural Source of Energy and Overall Health. Learn how to sip from a cup of Japan’s Trifecta: Mind, Body and Spirit, could be the answer to help keep you in Tip-Top Health. ➤RELAX Your Mi

List Price: $ 29.90


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